Ecological sustainable initiatives

At Hotel Zee en Duin we are conscious with our environment in an ecological way.
We do this through the following initiatives:

-In 2022 we bought 64 solar panels and we placed it on the roof of the Hotel.

 A solar panel installation uses the energy of the sun to generate electricity.

A solar panel consists of several solar cells that capture sunlight and convert it into electricity. The solar panels are placed on the roof or in another place in the sun.

The electricity generated by the solar panels is sent to an inverter via cables. The inverter converts the direct current generated by the solar panels into alternating current, the current that we use at home.

The generated power can be used directly at home. If more power is generated than is consumed, the power is returned to the grid. This is called feed-in and you can earn money with this, because energy companies pay you for the feed-in.

In this way, a solar panel installation can contribute in a sustainable way to generating electricity and reducing dependence on fossil fuels.

-We support the local economy by buying our breakfast locally in Katwijk, Rijnsburg, Leiden (fresh fruit, pastries, our meat products and other purchases). The dirty laundry is washed locally in Katwijk.

-In the beginning of 2023, we will have a 800 liter solar water heater that will heat the hot water for a nice warm shower in the morning.

A solar water heater uses the energy of the sun to heat water.

A solar water heater consists of a collector that is placed on the roof. The collector consists of a metal plate with tubes on it. The tubes are filled with water and absorb the heat from the sun.

This heats up the water in the pipes and flows through a pipe to a storage vessel, where the hot water is stored. There is a spiral in the storage tank that transfers the hot water to the water you use in your home.

If the water in the storage tank is not warm enough, for example on a cloudy day, the solar boiler can also be supported by another heating system, such as a central heating boiler.

In this way, a solar water heater can contribute to heating your water in a sustainable way.

-In the hotel we only use LED lightning.

-By using a water savers, we reduce the use of water.

-We have a service that offers our guests the possibility to rent bicycles.

-We use motion sensors in the corridors of the hotel.

-We use water-reducing shower heads in every room.

-The towels will be changed on request, we do this by communicating to the guest when the towel is on the floor means a new towel, if the towels are hung to dry means no clean towel.

-We recycle and sort our glass, each week it is collected by a special company.