About us

A family hotel with history
Hotel Zee and Duin
4 generations

Hotel Zee and Duin has been run by the family Warmenhoven since 1928,
Great grandparents Gre and Jan Started up the Hotel and has been passed through the family.
Grandparents Frans and Toos, John and Annette and now John and Martine are currently running the hotel and are now the fourth generation to welcome you to their warm and friendly hotel.

In 1928 Gre Warmenhoven established her hotel in Katwijk on the boulevard, at the time it was called the Baron van Wassenaerkade number 26 & 27.
A few years earlier her career began as a chambermaid with her brother in a hotel in Noordwijk, Gre liked the hotel life so much, that with the help of her brother she bought a small building in Katwijk and then started renting out rooms. Renting out rooms on the boulevard went so well that Gre bought the building next door to rent out more rooms.

In 1942 she was forced to leave because of the war. After the war Gre received money from the Dutch government to give her hotel a new start, on the ground where Hotel Zee en Duin now stands, and so we have been located on "Boulevard 5" since 1950.

In 1964 son Frans Warmenhoven took over the hotel from his mother. In the 70s he fitted a bar in the hotel and after a while he upgraded the rooms and added a toilet and a shower this happened around the 1980’s eventually a tv also got added to the rooms.

In 1992, eldest son John Warmenhoven took over the hotel from his father and he continued to modernize the hotel. In 1995 John added five extra rooms. The bar was renovated in 2000 and the lounge was added in 2002. In 2016 there was a doorway fitted to direct you straight to the breakfast room.

In 2016 his son John Jr. Warmenhoven took over the hotel and is still running it to this day.