Zee en Duin Scotch Whisky Award

Zee and Duin and Whisky

Hotel Zee en Duin was awarded the Scotch Single Malt Whisky Society award in 2007. The Scotch Single Malt Whisky Society is an association of which the major Dutch importers members in the field of wine and spirits, these members are called:  Pernod Ricard the Netherlands, Diageo the Netherlands, Intercaves, International Marques and Moet Hennessy the Netherlands.

A total of 9 import members with the input of Scottish Malt Whisky. Mr. Ad de Koning Ing is the Director of the Society and is responsible for promoting Malt Whisky in the Netherland such as Masterclasses, Hippigues competitions, Golf Events, national Fairs and whisky trips to Scotland.

The 'Scotch Single Malt Whisky Award' was established in 1998. This Award is an award which is given twice a year, once to a liquor store and once to a Pub / bar / hotel / restaurant. One must have distinguished himself by feeding an extensive range of Scottish Malt Whiskys and being able to adequately inform his customers and guests about this special product.

To date, an Award has been awarded eight times. In 1998 at 'The Balmoral' Pub of the Doelen in Amsterdam, by Dame Rosemary Spencer, Ambassador of Great Britain in 1999 at Whisky Bar 'Het Kompas' by Willem Ham in Texel, by the Burgemeester Gemeente Texel, in 2000 at' Kasteel Landgoed Engelenburg 'in Brummen, by the mayor Gemeente Brummen, in 2001 at Schots Restaurant' t Koetshuis in Oosterhout by Mayor Gemeente Oosterhout, in 2004 at English Pub 'North End' in Leiden, in 2005 at Stadsboerderij De Koebrug in Stavoren by the Burgemeester Gemeente Nijefurd, and in 2006 at Hotel Restaurant Veldenbos in Nunspeet by the Burgemeester Gemeente Nunspeet. No Award was awarded in 2002.

Seven times before, the Award has been awarded to a liquor store. In 1999 to Whiskey and Wine Trade 'Verhaar' in Bilthoven to Mr Harrij Verhaar, in 2000 to Whisky liquor store 'De Koning' in 's-Hertogenbosch to Mr Rob Stevens, in 2001 to liquor store Gall & Gall Exclusive in Amsterdam to Mr Wim van Bruggen, in 2003 at 'Wines & Whiskies' in Delft to Mr Arjan de Jong, in 2004 at Wijnhandel 'Van Genderen' in Spijkenisse, to Mrs Anita Von Boltog, in 2005 at Slijterij Versailles in Nijmegen to Mr Caecil Gerrits and in 2006 at Slijterij Vidra in Wervershoof. Here too, no Award was awarded in 2002.
The Horeca Award for the year 2007 went to Hotel 'Zee en Duin' in Katwijk aan Zee and will be awarded to Mr John Warmenhoven. The Slijters Award 2007 will also be presented to 'Van Zuijlen' in Loosduinen to Mr Aad van Zuijlen. Both have earned their spurs in promoting Malt Whisky.