Katwijk aan Zee

Katwijk aan Zee - Hotel Zee en Duin warmly welcomes you to this beautiful village. This picturesque fishing village has much to offer. Katwijk aan Zee has a large beach, where you can enjoy a wonderful four season round walk. The boulevard has a wide range of beach pavilions that you can visit throughout the year, where you can enjoy a drink, lunch or a evening meal. Less than 600 meters from our hotel you will find the atmospheric streets of the historic center of Katwijk. The range is diverse, from well-known chain stores to local boutiques. Katwijk also has a beautiful cycle path through the dunes, where you can reach the heart of the Hollandse Duinen National Park within minutes. There are loads of beautiful places to visite when you come to Katwijk, you won’t be bored.

For more information: https://www.vvvkatwijk.nl